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Youth Wilderness Campout 2012 - July 26-28
Umpqua Watersheds is pleased to offer youth (ages 12-20) a fun and educational outdoor adventure to wildlands for our annual Youth Wilderness Camp Out. Every year we will depart for Twin Lakes in the Umpqua National Forest for a weekend of hiking, swimming, doing camp restoration and having fun. Our goals are to respect and explore the wildlands, to learn about wilderness, to revere its tremendous beauty, and to leave no trace behind.

Cost: $25/UW member; $45/non-member. This fee covers food and travel expenses for the weekend.

Seeking Scholarships: Help send a child to camp

For more information call the UW Office at 541.672.7065 or email us at

Youth Wilderness Campout
A look at the 2012 Youth Wilderness Campout

Youth Campout 2010 - Twin Lakes
Photos By: Dr Lenny Howdt

The near surreal azure of Twin Lakes competed with the perfect blue of the Cascade sky all weekend, night's blazing stars captured by those clear, calm waters for our delight. Yes, the 13th annual Umpqua Watersheds' Youth Camp Out, held July 29-31, could not have been sited in a more picturesque location, nor could the weather have been more delightful: warm, not hot days, cool, but not cold nights.

Youth Campout - Twin Lakes on the top

Including adult chaperones, 18 of us spent most of Friday, all of Saturday and half a day Sunday in mostly roadless native forest, surrounded by alpine giants, many of which must have been seedlings when the nation was founded. The youngest guest attending was Joey Cooley, aged one month, who was carried up the mile and a half trail by his parents, Nathan and Sherry. Anxious to initiate this youngest member of the proud Cooley Clan into the wonders of the wild, they stayed most of the day, Saturday. The oldest of the youth campers was Joey's granddad, Ed Cooley , 62. In between were four teen students from the Phoenix School accompanied by U.W. board member, Thomas McGregor and six young people from the Elkton area. Noted local photographer, Robin Loznak; Ed and Mary's son, Trevor and Board member Paddy Quinn and his son, Patrick along with long time camper Lenny Thyme assisted the tireless Mary and Ed Cooley in making this annual event fun and relaxing.

Youth Campout - Wild Flowers

The science education benefit of the outing was ably supplied, as usual, by U.W.'s own eminent Board President, Dr. Ken Carloni. This beloved and noted naturalist led us on a hike through magnificent groves of ancient Shasta Red Fir, Mountain Hemlock, Doug Fir and other sylvan wonders interspersed with glorious alpine meadows. These openings sported an abundance of wild flowers, still in bloom following this year's late, cool Spring. Ken's Saturday walk covered a rise in elevation of some 1000 feet and ended in a spectacular panorama of the surrounding Cascades that included Mt. Theilsen, Diamond Peak and the Three Sisters. In addition to providing an historical, timber practices and topographical overview, Dr. Carloni revealed some of the not so obvious interconnections that exist in our native forests; vital links between delicate meadow flowers and towering trees, fungal mycelium and beneficial wasps that prey on tree killing insects.

J.P. Quinn
Umpqua Watersheds Board Member