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2nd Saturday Volunteer Opportunities
The City of Roseburg, the Phoenix Charter School, and Umpqua Watersheds are collaborating on a massive invasive weed removal and restoration project of the South Umpqua Greenway. The Greenway lies between Deer Creek Park and Gaddis Park. The project’s first focus is cleaning up Deer Creek Park itself, clearing the banks of Himalayan blackberry and increasing visibility of the elegant stream flow. As an Americorps in the area, Grant Ruhlman has been tasked with the coordination of the project. Through technical assistance via Umpqua Watersheds, he has been able to ID multiple invasive species that are choking out native trees and vegetation. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community, learn about local plants, and do some good!

2nd Saturday Volunteer Opportunities!
The second Saturday of every month our Americorps, Grant, will be leading volunteer work parties. If you are interested in getting involved in local community affairs, getting outside in the sun, and meeting new folks, this is your chance.

Upcoming Work Parties on the S. Umpqua.

July 10th - Another work party on the S. Umpqua Greenway! We will be continuing landscaping work and shaping up Deer Creek Park. Call Grant for details.

Grant Ruhlman, Americorps – Phoenix Charter School/Umpqua Watersheds
Restoration Education

Follow Pine St. past the Lane house, parallel to the railroad. Soon you will see a dirt parking area next to Deer Creek Park.